• Memberships – Extension Policies

    When does my package after the registration?

    Membership period starts from the date of  first registered workout  and not from the date the member registration day.

    Whats the Validity of the Session?

    Group Personal training sessions: Non usage  training sessions (within the specified validity date) will not entitle any member for any refund or compensation either in terms of money

    Can I put my membership on hold?

    If your program is attendance based, then you would NOT qualify for any sort of extension.

    We can put a freeze on your membership for several reasons; however, your membership must be in good standing to qualify. Valid reasons for freezing a membership include:

    • Medical – a temporary medical situation which renders you unable to use the WOW membership for a specified amount of time.
    • Work Transfer – a temporary out-of-area work transfer
    • Volunteer Work – a temporary extended volunteer program
    • Vacation – a vacation of out of station

    If one of the above situations applies and you would like to freeze your membership for a specified amount of time, please contact us. If the above situations do not apply, we may still be able to help. Please contact team to discuss your situation.

    All the extensions are valid for only 6 months from the day joining.

    Please note: the number of days of absence should be more than a week continuously and not cumulative absence. Verification may be required in order to freeze your account.

    Without prior notice/ approval from the WOW management the extension would maximum of 1 week for 1 month program and 3 weeks for 3 month program respectively. This extension is added immediately after the  initial end day of the program 

    And you can avail this option of freezing the membership only once in your program.


    Membership is not on usage basis. It is a fee, permitting access to the WOW Fitness Studio for a certain prefixed period excluding the above hold condition.

  • Rules of the house

  • Cardless Check-In

    What is cardless check-in?
    With cardless check-in, you simply enter a PIN or check-in code, scan your finger and you’re on your way. No membership card required.There are special cases where there would a difficulty in registering the fingerprint, those members would be given an Access card.

    Why is this check-in system in place?
    We have installed the cardless check-in process to help us achieve several objectives:
    Convenience – we heard our members tell us they didn’t want to have to bring a photo ID to check in. Now you can just bring yourself and a workout towel!
    Security – cards can be lost or stolen. This system ensures that you and only you can use your membership, and that only members are using the gym.
    Green Focus – we’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. By eliminating membership cards, we eliminate a lot of plastic and paper waste.

    How do I enrol in cardless check in?
    Ask one of our team members at the front desk to help you enrol. The process takes about a minute to complete. You would get a unique member ID number and then we’ll take three scans of your right index finger/thumb.

    Does this mean WOW Fitness Fitness will have my fingerprints?
    By scanning your finger, we chart the distance between a few distinct points that are unique to you and come up with an identifying number based on those distances. We do not store your fingerprints, nor can the data we store be re-created into a fingerprint image. Additionally, we do not sell, lease, rent, trade or otherwise transfer the data collected by the Cardless Check-In system to any third parties.


    How do I provide feedback about this program?
    We want to hear from you! Please visit our Contact Us page to let us know how you feel about the cardless check-in program.