Being overweight often has nothing to do with calories or exercise. For a huge number of us, the problem is instead about misfiring hormones. At Wow, we have comprehensively studied this paradigm shift and started working around these root causes for women’s weight issues and have given necessary food and fitness regimes depending on their specific concerns.

After all your diets and fitness regimes didn’t work for you and your doctors have suggested you that the final possible culprits behind your stubborn weight issues might be the Thyroid Hormone or PCOD or D-vitamin deficiency and a similar list of them, then the Wow’s Happy Hormone Program is there for your rescue.

Happy Hormone Program is one of our latest researched programs which would help you balance those weight giving hormones. We follow a scientific approach to get you fitter and healthier.

Happy Hormones Program Includes

  • Expert Consultation 12 to 16 Weeks of Customised Wellness Plan

  • Medical Reports Analysis By Our Consultant Medical Experts

  • Comprehensive Diet Plans and Detox Drinks

  • Hormone & Organ Health Specific Lifestyle Modifications

  • Constant Tracking of Vital Body Metrics Like Over all Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Percentage, Visceral Fat, Vitamin levels, Hormonal Functioning, Weight and Inches etc.,

  • Constant Monitoring of Health Reports

  • Wow Buddy Private Forums To Connect With Girls who previously have been successful in this program.