WOW FITNESS STUDIO is located in Hyderabad, India. We offer both group-personal and online training. Our trainers will take the time to get to know you and will establish a plan tailored to meet your individual goals and ensure your success. We are a concept fitness studio, our fitness programs are machine free and trainer driven, large percentage of our arenas are open to sky. We encourage community building through our Group- Personal Training programs. We teach proper techniques of strength and cardiovascular training, as well as proper nutrition, becoming a consistent guide to living and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. We care deeply about our client’s success and are dedicated to being enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive.


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Client Experience

WOW has been revolutionary in my life!🎈 Its built with passionate trainers, a lovely open air ambience, and lots of love and fun!❤ You can go in there and not just lose kilos, inches and stress, but also gain some confidence, peace and liveliness. The routines are customised to deal with health issues at various levels and not just for obesity or hormonal issues. As an example of the many successful victories against ill health at WOW, my mother’s hypertension was completely controlled after just 15 days. And as a medico, I have learnt the art of prevention from Purnima mam.
Wether its for a sexier you, a healthier you, or a happier you, WOW is the place for it all!🎈 Get going ppl, what are you waiting for?

I was there with wow for my pre pregnancy fitness, within the three months of my stay with wow, I have come down by two sizes and worked around strengthening my reproductive health for a healthy pregnancy. I am a young mother now and have delivered a beautiful baby girl. I am happy to have been a part of this place. Thank you Team wow😊

Hi I have been associated with WOW from the last one year had a terrific time in my life where I enjoyed being fit and losing lots of extra weight and gaining a lots of energy and happiness. Me going to wow has changed my way of life style the way I look fitness. When I joined wow I was at around 110kgs with many health issues such as prediabetes, pcos and vitamin d issues but in a less period of time I found everything falling in place and I started putting down in a very less span of 6 months I happened to put down around 35kgs where I was 75kgs and the wonder is u are never restricted on diet. Now I am pregnant with my second child and having a happy and healthy pregnancy compared to the first one. The place where I learned fitness is the criteria not the weight loss if ur fit everything would fall in place. The trainers are filled with tons of energy and always motivate u for bringing the best out of u. So thanks Purnima for being my life changer and u always motivate me

This is easily one of the best fitness centres I have been to. It is one the few places that focuses on overall wellbeing, than the numbers on the scales. It has the most encouraging group of people you will ever meet. In only four months, I lost inches and kilos. I learnt to love my body, and started focusing on being healthy. I had stopped checking scales, and judging myself on a regular basis. Now, I am healthier, and happier. My body is more toned, and my dresses fit me better. There is still a long way to go, but Wow taught me that is not about fitting into the dress, but about fitting into myself. Thank you so much, and love you WOW!

Thank you so much Team Wow, The Thyroid Healer Support Diet that Team Purnima had put me through and the healer drinks have shown me great results, not only the betterment in my hormonal condition but a whopping 5kilos of Loss in just 3 weeks and several inches around my hips, I’m able to fit into my old clothes and feeling firmer on my lower body now! Thank you, I am looking for greater results in the 12 more weeks of stay with wow!

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