Our Wow  Kickstart program is a perfect program for you if you are new to the workouts or if you haven’t had a physical fitness routine since a long time now.  Regardless of your skill or fitness level, we believe in the importance of building a foundation of  the most basic movements, and using that as a platform to build on. The program is designed to help you give a perfect start for your wellness journey. Through Wow Kickstart, we introduce you to our customised workouts, fundamental food and lifestyle concepts. You would have options to upgrade or integrate our Wow Kickstart program with our other regimes as well. The program helps you discover limitless energy to enjoy the things you love doing so you can live a happier, healthier & more fit lifestyle.

WOW KickStart Program Includes

Expert Personal Consultation
4- Week Customised Fitness Plan
Gym Pre- Requisite Guidelines
Group- Personal Training Sessions
Program Results Analysis Session
At Home Workouts After Program Completion
Private Forums To Connect With Wow Girls

We are so excited to tell you more about this life transformative program.

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