Super Woman Program is our flagship program which had been a top pick for most of our clients for its results & its unique design.
It’s a 6-day week program with a different workout mode (cardio, strength training, flexibility and agility training etc.,) everyday. Super Woman is not your traditional gymming regime, where your muscles are virtually divided into groups and different muscle groups are worked upon each day. In Super Woman Program, all the muscle groups are worked upon every single day. Our main focus is dedicated to functional training, making a connection between exercise & everyday living.
This is a perfect transformative program that helps you build over all strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, reflexes and your core muscle while giving you fat loss. The program includes recovery techniques to prevent injury & heal existing concerns.

WOW Super Woman Program Includes

Expert Personal Consultation
16-Week Customised Wellness Plan
Gym Pre- Requisite Guidelines Lifestyle & Nutrition Fundamentals
Group- Personal Training Concept
Monthly Results Analysis Sessions
Home ᠌Going Workouts After Program Completion
Metabolism Boosting Guidelines
Private Forums To Connect With Wow Girls

What To Expect From This Program

Group -Personal Training Concept:  

Super Woman Program is designed for all fitness levels, ensuring that any participant could get a great workout, lose fat and get fit. Whether our client is new to exercise or an experienced athlete, the sessions work for each of them equally intense. Every group is further divided into sub-sets according to individual fitness levels and the workout intensity is modified either to create more of a challenge or dial back the intensity depending on the individual ability to perform on the floor. 

Unlimited Access: 

The Super Woman Program schedule contains over 36 sessions to choose from throughout the week, with varied workout modes. After your initial consultation and on-boarding process, these sessions could be discussed about with the training team and availed.

Group Sizes: 

You could choose from groups as small as 2-8 participants and for those looking for a larger group to get a high energy workout, we also offer training sessions consisting of 10 to 30 participants. 

Life-style and Nutritional Eye-openers  

Our myth- buster& informative sessions on lifestyle and nutritional concepts  would guide you with simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (without having to put yourself on a low- diet!)

Maintenance Guidance: 

This program helps you lose fat & stay at your ideal fitness levels. Not Just transforming you into your fittest version, but we empower you for a lifetime of fitness, with our posture corrective guidance. corrective exercise. Through this program we also educate you with daily functional movement guidance which would keep your metabolism fired up 24 hours a day. 

We are so excited to tell you more about this life transformative program.

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